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Learn how to love, feel, forgive and find yourself in the process

May be this is the way it is meant to be. Cross paths with others and learn many things. Sometimes some people cross our paths and leave this lingering feeling with us. I’m talking about those unique individuals that come in the time you most need them. They come out of nowhere and make anContinue reading “Learn how to love, feel, forgive and find yourself in the process”

It’s ok to fall in love ♥️

No matter how strong you are You’re still going to need someone to be yourself with. Someone to talk to Someone to share your secrets with Someone to love, to hold To comfort you when you feel broken Don’t ever think you’re meant to be alone Don’t ever think you’re too strong to be vulnerableContinue reading “It’s ok to fall in love ♥️”

Quarantine reflections

The act of being Enough. God is the Almighty, not us. Out of all the priorities Life is the utmost priority. Health stands prior to Wealth. There is a different world inside Home which is out of the world. ‘No time‘ converted to ‘Family time‘. With the words like quarantine and lockdown, I learned theContinue reading “Quarantine reflections”