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Who is your best friend?

I was asked last week ‘who is your best friend?’ I don’t know. I don’t use language like that any more. It doesn’t fit. I have friends that hold the keys to different doors of my personality. Some open my heart. Some my laughter. Some my mischief. Some my sin. Some my civic urgency. Some my history. Some my rawest confusion and vulnerability.

Some friends,who may not be ‘the closest’ to me,has the most important key for me in a moment of my life.

Some, who may be as close as my own skin,may not have what I need today.

It’s ok if our spouses or partners don’t have every key. How could they? It isn’t failure if they don’t open every single door of who you are.

The million-room-mansion identity cannot overlap perfectly with anyone.

~Jedidiah Jenkins

Published by Alisha Mehta

Penning down the mind

2 thoughts on “Who is your best friend?

  1. To me, it’s actually true!
    The same as you portrayed in 2nd & 3rd para.
    I do not have any best friends but, friends for distinctive situations. And, never I’ve ever labeled any of’em on social media as “best friend”.
    Nice work.
    Have a great time ahead!

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