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According to biology, there is a muscular organ about the size of your fist located exactly behind and slightly left to your breastbone whose normal rate of beating ranges from 60-100 beats per minute.

However, what your biology book won’t tell you is that this little organ is a chaos you’ll carry within you forever.

It has an autosaving function other than pumping blood that works more rapidly than your computer does.

It saves every random being or thing it falls for somewhere in between it’s four chambers as memories just to keep up it’s inhalation from them later on.

As you step up in your teenage, it’ll wage invisible war within you. For apparently, it’s yours but it’ll be a home for countless people.

It’ll compel you to take most baseless decisions of your life merely to spend many regretful days afterwards.

Biology won’t inform you it breathes in your chest but any stranger can break it into irreparable pieces.

It’s apparently placed in your body but will belong to others forever.♥️

Published by Alisha Mehta

Penning down the mind

55 thoughts on “Heart

      1. My heart hasn’t been broken, buy maybe that’s because I haven’t truly given it away. I have lent it out briefly and it has come back scuffed with a few pages bent over, but nothing irreperable. Could I give my heart away? Perhaps; but I would consider it to be a great risk and I would worry about it. On the other hand, storing my heart away for a future (or a relationship) that might not happen is perhaps a greater tragedy in the making.
        How do you like them statements 😀

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      2. ‘Best’ is an illusion. Best is just a choice. When we love something/sb, we successfully figure out what is best in thm and overlook all the negatives😀

        I hope you’ll find best in everything♥️😉

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      1. I have taken only one photo from my back yard which is posted in the post “Liittle things”, mostly I googled😀
        I’m glad you liked them.
        Thankyou again, Airak. Stay tuned😊

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    1. Yes, that’s absolutely true👍
      Your mind tells you what is smart and heart tells you what you are going to do anyway.😀
      Thankyou for all the admiration and encouragement Prashantt😊


  1. very well penned! i truly enjoyed reading this post! a person’s heart wants what it wants, it may be your best friend at times but also your worst enemy at other points in your life. thank you for sharing💞
    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍

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  2. well put together, expressed with a voice of reason and a heart that sometimes lacks the evidence. I have learned that the saying “Love is Blind” is a lie. If loving someone makes me love me less, is that love. or outward seeking to get that which we do not have for ourselves? pondering thoughts provoked by you. Have a great weekend!


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