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Human to Humanity

“You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed.

What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday,

and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow.

You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours.”
– Bhagavad Gita

In life we all tend to live for others rather than for ourselves. It’s okay to do things for others unless and until it is from the bottom of your heart.

Just think how many times in a day we get hurt and how many times in a day we hurt others ? Are they proportional ? If so why or why not?

  • Assume, a person asks you to help. We also help them but later in our life we rewind this incident when the same help is not rendered to us. So, now tell me what is the use in helping out that person the other day ? This means we didn’t do things with a thought of kindness. We do business here ! We expect things in return. As a human it may or may not be natural. But when things fall aside we start blaming others. Isn’t that your life ? Were you so dumb and mute that without your knowledge things happened ? Even then, who gave them this advantage ? It’s you ! So blame yourself for everything that happens in life.
  • We mock physical appearances, whomsoever it may concern … But why it has to be ? Don’t they already know that they are black ? Don’t they already know that they are thin / fat ? Don’t they already know that they are dumb/ deaf ? Don’t they already know they are so and so ? We never know what the other person is going through. We never knew ourselves but we started judging others. Is this the philosophy of life ?
  • Reach out to people and help them if you know stuffs little more than them. It’s not to show that you know everything but to make others also know the things you knew.
  • Don’t hesitate to drag yourself forward in life. Fail, get hurt’s okay. everyone of them is facing the same hurdle but in different situation. But don’t even think to do the same things that hurt you badly. You got hurt, you learned, you became strong. It’s fine. Life may squeeze you to the fullest, dump you down. No problem. But when you see others struggling for the same reason of yours or a little different help them out, because not all of them are YOU.
  • Developing Life skills is far more important. Then take you to a step higher than you thought you would go. Life will humble you as you grow. Things that matter now, will never matter after a year or two. Always love others the way you love yourself .Treat people as you treat you. Anger will never give you solution. It just renders you heart breaks and stupid suggestions. Forgive people. See you in the eyes of others.
  • Give Freedom for everyone you meet. Don’t try to trap them in your world. They have their own and they need to take care of it too. Share things, give each other their private space, respect feelings of others and all that you want/ search/ desire in life will be inside you. Smile at people, it will make their day brighter, even yours.
  • Choose words before you speak. You will never know which word can hurt one and which word will not. You’ll never know the situation, mental state and being of any person. Even yours. So try controlling harsh words. Love all , serve all. Build Qualities not Relationship in this world.We all will be out of trace from memories after the next 200 to 400 years (max).
  • So, in this beautiful life develop and qualify yourself as a human being. We can see humans now a days, but not HUMANITY ! But that was not the purpose we were born for.
    Enjoy life , live peacefully and develop serene things in you.
    BE YOU !!!

Happy day!!

Published by Alisha Mehta

Penning down the mind

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