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This is where the magic happens

Follow the Greek method of progressive training:

Meet Milo of Croton – The Great Ancient Greek Olympian.

Progressive overloading

He was the greatest and strongest wrestler of Greece.

He won six consecutive olympic medals! Remember what Usain Bolt said? Win three and become immortal? Imagine six !

How did he become so strong?

He started his training by lifting a new born calf. Hah! So easy peasy. I can lift a calf. You too can lift a calf. What’s the point in lifting a tiny calf? Huh.

Whereas his competitors attempted to lift an adult bull instead. Yo. And they all laughed off the calf lifting. Who does that! Stupid Milo. Huh.

Milo carried the calf daily, all the time. The calf grew slowly and so did Milo’s strength.

And ultimately Milo could lift a bull effortlessly.

But his smart ass competitors were still trying to lift the bull. Sometimes succeeding, maybe, but not excelling like Milo. Smart Milo.

Learn from Milo.

Buy a calf. Lift it daily.

You may keep it down at times, but never for long. Lift it again, and let it grow slowly.

One day you will definitely be able to lift a bull. All the best 🙂

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2 thoughts on “This is where the magic happens

    1. Thankyou for connecting😊
      I really don’t know about 1% improvement rule… I’ll surely read about it today😊
      Thankyou for letting me know about the similar content👍


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